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To submit a story to swhchs.org go to https://swhchs.org/index.php/story-submission/.

To read from the stories database go to: https://www.swhchs.org/stories-admin/public/list_summary.php

Several Story Databases are being built at swhchs.org, tied to this web page, including:

  • Image.pdf Stories: non-searchable image-of-Stories and Stories keeping copyright, with no known reposting restrictions (if restrictions are found, Stories will be deleted):
  • Text.pdf Stories: Searchable text files, indexed by swhchs.org & InterLeeV, LLC., where copyright has been transferred to swhchs.org, and used to select Iron Stories from.
  • Indexing includes: Key Words; Values; Character Traits; Location; and Time.