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Newsletter 22.09.26-01

Dear Friend of the Southwestern Heritage Center Historical Society,

As you know, The Southwestern Heritage Center (swhchs.org) plans to build a museum near Iron Springs Adventure Resort.

The Resort is having an unavailing this Thursday morning at 11:00 AM, as is describe on the flier below. In the spirit of cooperation, this note is being sent to all on our mailing list to make sure you know about the unavailing.

It also provides an opportunity to give a brief update on recent work, and to send this as Newsletter 22.09.26-01.

The Cedar City Chapter of SUP (Sons of Utah Pioneers) has documented, and swhchs.org has posted, first pass descriptions of 102 Monuments in Iron County and the surrounding area. Please respond with any information which expands and makes more complete any of these descriptions. You can review the Monument documentation work at https://www.swhchs.org/index.php/iron-county-monument/. SUP has collected most of the data for another 30 Monuments in Iron County, and has this documentation process down quite well. The plan is to expand this work into neighboring counties over the next year.

SWHCHS.ORG has a Memorandum of Understanding with ICSD (Iron County School District) to provide stories teaching positive character traits and values. We have 59 stories in the database today, and hope each of you will submit multiple stories to help ICSD students learn of our heritage and of positive examples they can follow. To enter a story, (1) bring up a digital version of your story on your computer, (2) go to https://www.swhchs.org/index.php/story-submission/ and fill out the background information, and (3) copy and paste your story text into the story field. Stories can be as long or as short as you want. We plan to have thousands of stories in the database. We will provide more details as we complete design and software development of story indexing and retrieval tools. We are researching similar projects right now (like foxfire.org), and are working up our first pass retrieval solution for ICSD. This is a very exciting project, with significant implications and potential.

We have had several generous donations. We applied for one grant (twice). We have had meetings with investors and about different investment opportunities. We are optimistic we will have news on this front soon.

We encourage you to visit our website often to follow progress: swhchs.org. We plan to send out a newsletters, like this one, more and more regularly as time passes.

Best Regards,


H. Roice Nelson, Jr.

If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, please let me know with a return email, and you will be removed before our next eimailing..

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