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The geology of the southwest is exquisite. There are over a dozen National and State Parks and Monuments within a short drive of the Southwestern Heritage Center. There are hundreds of petroglyph and pictograph sites created by ancestors of the southwestern indigenous American Indians.

The Paiute Indian tribe has lived in the area for centuries. Their culture was dramatically impacted when the explorers arrived 250 years ago and especially when the pioneers arrived 170 years ago. The Paiute, and other American Indian Tribes in the area have a rich heritage, which needs to be remembered and celebrated. There are literally thousands of petroglyphs in the Cedar City area. The Southwestern Heritage Center will take interested parties on field trips to see and learn about these earliest settlers and to ensure this heritage is remembered and protected. There are also many other Southwestern American Indian Tribes, and cultures to be celebrated at the Heritage Center, including the Anasazi, Freemont, Hopi, Navajo, Paiute, and Ute American Indian Tribes.

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