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Mining and Manufacturing are a key heritage of Southern Utah. On the 27th of May 1855 Brigham Young said, “Iron we need and iron we must have. We cannot well do without it. …We have an abundance of the best quality iron ore. I repeat that iron we must have, and we are right on the threshold of obtaining it; we have our feet on the step and our hand holds the latch of the door that leads to the possession of this invaluable material.”

Southern Utah Rock Club (SURC)

SURC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with 300 members. The rock club meets monthly, with speakers, a show & tell, drawings for rocks, demonstrations, rock hounding trips, video presentations, lapidary instruction, mineral & gemstone identification, jewelry making classes, and an Annual Cedar City Rock Show (see southernutahrockclub.org or www.facebook.com/groups/utahrocks). The SURC needs a new larger facility for saws, rock polishing tools, meetings, displays of rock collections for schools, tourists, and citizens, etc

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