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Robert Sutherland’s 105 Mile Trek from Cedar City to Jacob’s Lake, Aug – Sept 2023

. . . This page links to a series of 21 video’s highlighting different parts of Robert Sutherland’s 105 mile trek from Cedar City, Utah to Jacob’s Lake, Arizona in late August and early September of 2023. On several of the first Days he was rained on, there was a zero visibility sand storm, and water from his canteen got into the video battery pack, making it so several of the video’s he shot were destroyed.

This swhchs.org site is largely for kids and those interested in history. The Southwest is one of the few places left in the world where one can have an adventure like Robert describes in these videos. Next year he plans to hiking from the Maverick on the south end of Cedar City, up the mountain, to Brian Head, across Eagle Mountain, back down the mountain north of Fiddler’s Canyon, and to the Maverick on the South end of Enoch at Old Highway 91 and Minersville Road. We plan to share documentation of this next trek here also.

01 – August 29, 2023 The beginning of Robert Sutherland’s Walk from Cedar City, Utah to Jacob’s Lake, Arizona. https://youtu.be/WPf8hzK2R0s

02 – August 29, 2023 Robert Sutherland on Webster’s Flat Road with sheep. https://youtu.be/rex-jgpv52s

03 – 29 August 2023 Robert Sutherland walking past Black Mountain. https://youtu.be/rzIiAplLRoY

04 – 29 August 2023 Robert Sutherland’s first camp at “Pipe Springs.” https://youtu.be/ca8V7YPUDKw

05 – August 30, 2023 Robert Sutherland breakfast at first campsite. https://youtu.be/Bti2n1g1558

06 – 02 September 2023 Robert got caught in a bad windstorm, his water leaked and got the camera battery we, he lost a couple days of videos. This Video shows him arriving at Kanab, Utah. https://youtu.be/w4Tow04CMuE

07 – 02 September 2023 Robert reviews the Trek Map at the Kanab Hotel. https://youtu.be/8pJ6pp1uOGc

08 – September 2023 at Atkins Lodge in Kanab, Utah. https://youtu.be/yB5LlF4tzYk

09 – September 2, 2023 At Escobar’s Mexican Restaurant in Kanab. https://youtu.be/NcIENX2iSnI

10 – 02 September 2023 Robert was caught in rainstorms, and had to dry out at the Kanab Hotel. https://youtu.be/nveaMv6XsxQ

11 – 03 September 2023 Walking from Kanab Yard to Ryan Road. https://youtu.be/yO9LvwhR9zE

12 – 03 September 2023 Robert walks through the Jackpots fire burn, which he worked on putting out as a fire fighter. https://youtu.be/VYahxFtzaTY

13 – 03 September 2023 Robert walks through the Warm Springs Fire, which he also worked on putting out as a fire fighter. https://youtu.be/f0qq_6Ur7Z4

14 – 04 September 2023 – MRE 10 minute breakfast. https://youtu.be/T3Z_pI_8ySA

15 – 04 September 2023 Jacob’s Lake, named after Jacob Hamblin, is a relatively small limestone sinkhole, which Robert walked past and made a video of. https://youtu.be/MgYumAK2JP0

16 – 04 September 2023 Camp F with 7 miles left in the trek from Cedar City to Jacob’s Lake. https://youtu.be/vohkg1a6tWk

17 – 05 September 2023 Intersection with Highway 67, which goes to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. https://youtu.be/JjxJRjkITWQ

18 – 05 September 2023 Robert arrives at Jacob’s Lake Lodge after a 105 mile Trek across Southern Utah. https://youtu.be/txf7AzwFHeE

19 – 05 September 2023 Robert was upgraded from a room in the hotel to a cabin at Jacob’s Lake. https://youtu.be/5A_wgF-BDgY

20 – 05 September 2023 Robert meets a dog named Amos at Jacob’s Lake. https://youtu.be/_l7jNK7GDwQ

21 – 06 September 2023 The end of the trek, when picked up by his wife Jodi at Jacob’s Lake Lodge. https://youtu.be/6Q3DxUhtPmQ

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