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Donation to ICSD Iron Stories

22 July 2022 swhchs.org had another $1,000 donation to Matching Funds for the ICSD Iron Stories.

New swhchs.org Donations

$500 was donated to swhchs.org on 24 June 2022 and $300 was donated to swhchs.org on 06 July 2022 for ICSD Iron County Stories.

$10,000 Iron Stories Matching Funds Donated

swhchs.org received an ICSD $10,000 Iron Stories Matching Funds Donation.

Second Donation to swhchs.org

08 March 2022 Donation

First Donation to swhchs.org!

Received first donation to Southwestern Heritage Center 30 January 2022, after the initial $100 to form the bank account was donated. This donation allowed the Southwestern Heritage Center to register the domain name swhchs.org for 5 years and get professional… Read More