submitted by: Alva Leon Matheson

Fourteen Royal New Zealand Air Force pilots served as Forward Air Controllers with the USAF in South Vietnam between 1968 and 1972. Squadron Leader John Scrimshaw and Flight Lieutenant Ross Ewing were the first two pilots selected in late 1968. They served with the 19th TASS and were based at Vung Tau. The other pilots who followed served with both the 19th and 20th TASSs and were located at various locations from DaNang in the north to Vung Tau in the south. Bien Hoa, Chu Lai, Cu Chi, Phu Loi, Phu Bai and Hue are the names of a few bases. Some of the callsigns used by the ‘Kiwis” were Helix, Jade, Bilk, Issue, Nile and Drama.